How to maintain a beard

How to maintain a beard

While growing a beard is more of a natural process, maintaining one requires human efforts. Caring for ones beard is like caring for plants- just as a plant needs its nourishment and pruning every now and then, so does the beard.

Here are a few simple ways in which you can maintain a healthy beard:

Have a wash schedule

Washing your beard 2-3 times a week is the ideal way to go about the washing schedule. This will make sure that the hair follicles don’t become too dry or too oily, giving your beard a perfect texture. Pat dry your beard gently, being over zealous might lead to breakage and split ends.

Keep your beard hydrated and avoid often blow drying

In order to keep your beard strong and shiny It’s essential that you oil your beard regularly. Also, blow drying frequently weakens the hair follicles and leads to split ends, and hence, it should be avoided.

Train your beard

Make it a point to pass a comb down your hair to give it a better shape and get rid of the weird bent and curves in the hair. In addition to this, it will also train the beard to grow in the desired direction.

Trim regularly

Apart of combing, one another way to maintain the shape of the beard is by trimming it regularly. Along with the ‘when’ of trimming, the ‘how' of trimming is equally important. Trim it with a trimmer you’re most comfortable using and a technique that best suits you.

Eat healthy

Your beard, hair and skin are direct reflections of your inner health. What you intake is what will show on your skin and hair. And hence, it is of paramount importance that you maintain a nutritious diet. Make sufficient amount of water an essential part of your diet.