Is it OK to use onion shampoo on hair daily?

Is it OK to use onion shampoo on hair daily?

Onions, which are usually thought of as a simple household essential, may have more functions than just flavouring our meals. Onion juice is also a home treatment for hair loss, which may come as a surprise. 

Hair loss is quite frequent, and it can take the form of bald patches, total baldness, or progressive thinning. A inherited disease known as androgenetic alopecia is the most prevalent cause of hair thinning or loss. It can also arise as a result of certain medicines or hormonal changes.

According to a small research published in the Journal of DermatologyTrusted Source, using onion shampoo to the scalp may help some people regrow their hair.Participants in the research experienced alopecia areata, which is a non-scarring, patchy type of hair loss.  Researchers discovered that hair growth began after two weeks of using onion shampoo twice daily to the scalp.  After four weeks, about 74 percent of individuals had some hair regrowth, and after six weeks, around 87 percent had hair regrowth. The study included both males and females, with males having more hair regrowth.

The nutrients in onion shampoo applied to the hair follicles may nourish them, resulting in increased volume, gloss, and hair strength. Breakages and thinning may be reduced as a result of the additional nutrients.Onion juice can be used to treat hair as well as encourage new hair growth in certain persons.

The following factors may contribute to onion shampoo's ability to promote hair health:

Dietary sulfur

Onions contain dietary sulphur, which may explain why onion juice can aid hair renewal. Sulfur is a mineral that is found in abundance in the human body. It is required for proper enzyme and protein synthesis. Sulfur is also present in keratin, a protein that is one of the building blocks of hair. Onion juice contains sulphur, which may give the hair with the nutrients it requires to develop. It may help speed up the hair's growth process.

Anti-microbial properties

Onions include antibacterial characteristics that may aid in the treatment of scalp infections. A scalp infection can cause hair loss in certain people. Hair follicles are more likely to be robust if the scalp is healthy.


Flavonoids, for example, are antioxidants found in onions. Antioxidants are thought to defend the body against free radicals. The ageing process is considered to be aided by free radicals. Free radicals, for example, can damage hair follicles, causing thinning and hair loss. Free radicals can be reduced or eliminated, which can help to protect hair follicles.

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