Why Onion Oil is Best for Hair?

Why Onion Oil is Best for Hair?

As the recent drastic change in our lifestyle has brought numerous health issues to our bodies. Our hectic schedules, unhealthy eating habits, pollution and, stress are some of the contributors that lead to major health issues in life. One of the biggest health problems that both, men and women are currently facing is hair fall, premature, greying, and hair thinning. 

Nowadays, there has been an increase in the hype about oil products that contain onion or onion extracts. Yes! You Heard it Right! This commonly used ingredient in our kitchen does not only add flavours to the food, but also keeps your hair problems at bay. The benefits of onion have mostly been overlooked or clouded by tears. Be it a hair fall issue or premature greying, premium onion oil provides multiple benefits for your hair. Let’s get an idea of how onion oil is the perfect choice for your head massages. 

Deep Nourishment of Scalp

As Onions are rich in nutrients such as sulphur, Vitamins A, C, E, and B-Complex, they help in nourishing and strengthening the hair follicles. Regular use of premium onion oil ensuresstrong hair follicles which ensureshealthy growthof hair. Onion’s natural nourishing properties will chase away dry and frizzy hair.

Prevents Excessive Hair Loss

By regularly massaging and applying premium onion oil on the scalp and hair, it helps to nourish the roots which increases the blood flow which further prevents falling of hair. Being the rich source of sulphur, onion oils contain a protein called Keratin which is responsible for growth of strong hair, prevent hair and breakage.

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Encourages Hair Growth
Applying Premium Onion Oil such as The Style Bearers’ will help in revitalizing the hair scalp and accelerate the growth of the hair. The application of simple massage techniques into the scalp enables good blood circulation that helps inadequate conditioning to the hair. Buy our Premium Onion Oil now at: https://thestylebearer.com/products/onion-oil 

Minimizes Breakage and Thinningof Hair

Made from natural extracts of black seed onion seed oil, red onion oil, and many other essential oils and ingredients, The Style Bearer’s premium onion oil help in the treatment of breaking, thinning hair, and split-ends which eventually leads to baldness. Hence, if you find bald patches due to excessive hair fall, do buy our natural premium online oil that will promote effective hair growth.

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Bid Goodbye to Dandruff and Scalp Irritations

One of the major benefits of using organic Onion hair oils is that it prevents the scalp from scalp infections. Premium Onion oil such as The Style Bearer’s contains anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial characteristics that help in treatment of scalp infections. It helps fighting against infections caused by harmful pollutants, such as lice infestation, dandruff, and itchiness.

Optimizes Hair Growth Cycle

Consisting of essential nutrients, Onion Oil is capable of activating certain enzymes which helps optimize the hair growth cycle. This leads to faster hair growth.



Prevents Premature Greying

Manufactured with the goodness of essential vitamins, minerals, and potent antioxidants, it helps in maintaining the pH levels of hair and boosts blood circulation in the scalp, which results in thicker and stronger hair. Also, onion contains certain enzymes which prevent radical damage in your hair which eventually prevents premature greying.

Adorns Hair with a Better Texture and Shine

Consisting of a natural ingredient Onion Blackseed, Onion Oil helps in nourishing the hair and adding a great texture. Regular application of Onion Hair Oil revitalizes the scalp, thus resulting in providing a glossy finish and shine to each strand.  Not only that, premium onion oil strengthens hair roots and provides weight to your hair. 


Approved by Khadi, The Style Bearer’s Onion Black Seed Hair Oil is a blend of premium and rich natural oils that are not at all harmful. For best results, apply the onion oil gently into the hair with your fingertips at night before sleep and allow it to penetrate well. There are no sideeffects of onion oil and you may use it regularly for nourishing and conditioning your hair.

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